Simple and clear booking of shipments

CargoFlux provides you with the option to book all your shipments in one system – because CargoFlux uses the most recent technology, it has never been easier and more flexible to book a transport.

Handle customer requests

CargoFlux allows you to handle requests from your customers. You can easily convert a request to a booking, as soon as the customer accepts your price. Accessing previous requests in the archive is just as easy.

Always keep track

Keep end-to-end track of your shipments. We make sure you have an easily accessible overview of both ongoing and completed shipments.

Always at hand

CargoFlux is 100% web based and therefore always available, regardless of time of day, and where in the world you are.


You can integrate CargoFlux with numerous systems, such as e-conomic, NAV, Magento and many many more…

Transport with those you know

CargoFlux is pre integrated with well-known carriers, but still provides you with the option to create and operate your own products and providers.

Save time and money

Spend your time right and make your business healthier.

CargoFlux enables you to automate many processes, ranging from booking to follow-up to billing of shipments.