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We know that the cargo itself is not enough to win over freight customers. Securing and keeping customers is rather achieved through efficient and smooth freight systems. CargoFlux, as a tool, is developed to simplify and streamline the entire process from the original booking, to the end customer has received the delivery.

This results in not only a better customer experience, but also a substantial saving of time and money for you, the freight provider.


CargoFlux handles all types of cargo, both on land, at sea and in the air.


Customer and transport provider communicate easily through the same system.


Customers can book their shipments themselves, with specific details on dimensions, weight, etc., and print their parcel labels.

Track & trace

Customers can track their shipment at all points from booking to delivery.

  • LDM-handling
  • Route and price calculation
  • Overview
  • Time saving
  • Flexible integration
  • Visual identity
  • Support
  • Cloud based
  • and much more...

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