More simple and even more efficient

CargoFlux is designed to simplify and streamline the shipping process from the moment a booking is made, to the end customer has received the delivery.

Everything is handled in a single, manageable system. This means that all shipments, regardless of choice of carrier, can be handled in one single system.


For both small startups and new webshops, as well as for large production companies, this results in a significant saving of precious time, when orders need to be handled.

One way

One single system to create and handle shipments and bookings, regardless of what and how much needs to be shipped, and by whom.

Free choice

Easy access to a variety of well-known freight providers, such as GLS, PostNord, UPS, as well as the option to incorporate exactly the freight providers you wish to use in the system.


Easy communication with the chosen freight provider, regardless of who you decide to use.

Track & trace

It is possible to track shipments all the way from booking to delivery.

Flexible integration

Any system can integrate with CargoFlux. This includes webshop platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce etc.


The system enables, as an example, automation of booking processes, when a customer orders goods and items.